We are fully licensed and insured. Our investigators speak English, Russian and Spanish.

Cheating SpouseCheating Spouse
Whether you are the husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, you deserve t... More
Criminal DefenseCriminal Defense
We provide services law firms cannot. We work closely with your attorneys t... More
Employment ScreeningEmployment Screening
Employment screening services and employee background checks are vital to m... More
Executive Personal ProtectionExecutive Personal Protection
"Protection Solutions is committed to understanding each of our client’s ne... More
Fraud InvestigationFraud Investigation
Just as there are different types of fraud and fraud-related crimes, there ... More
Jury Selection InvestigationJury Selection Investigation
In designing your jury, it is important to keep in mind that there is no ri... More
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Sentencing Consultants and Private Investigators, LLC is a full service private investigation agency providing investigative services to law firms, insurance companies, businesses and individual clients. We provide you with a wide array of investigative services in a timely, professional and complete confidential manner.

In federal criminal...

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